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Before we installed the ImmerSUN, our spring/ summer electricity bills since installing the solar panels in September last year were as follows:

May 2013 – £77 > May 2014 – £39

June 2013 – £72 > June 2014 £37

July 2013 – £76 > July 2014 £20

Aug.2013- £70 > Aug.2014 £9 to 14/08/14

What makes these figures even more striking is that we had never switched the immersion heater on at all since coming to this house three years ago – always using the gas boiler to heat the water. Only once the ImmerSUN unit was installed at the beginning of May 2014 did we switch on the immersion heater and it has been left on ever since – relying on the ImmerSUN to divert exportable solar energy to heat the water. The gas boiler was switched off the day that the ImmerSUN was installed, and has been switched off ever since (apart from one morning, when we had family members staying over on their way to a wedding, and needed more showers than the immersion could provide quickly!)

On current performance, the ImmerSUN unit will probably have paid for itself in two summers or so, and I have not stopped recommending it to anyone who will listen to me ever since it was installed!

Tony Mercer – immerSUN
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Very happy with the installation of our immerSUN device. So much so, we’ve turned off our oil boiler as we are getting more than enough hot water diverted from our panels. You have a very happy customer.

Mr Horris – immerSUN