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Our immerSUN control has only been installed for a few months, but already we’ve noticed a difference in our electricity bill, which was about £100 less than for the same quarter during the summer last year.
The immerSUN detects if there’s excess electricity being generated by our wind turbine and channels it into heating our hot water.
In the summer months we turn off our wood boiler and heat our hot water by immersion heater, so the immerSUN is especially useful. If we want piping hot water and it isn’t a windy day, we can put the controls to boost so that electricity is imported (see photo below).
It has made us more aware of how much energy we use and when we use it. In the long term, I think it will save us a lot of money.

Chris + Tortie Eveleigh – immerSUN
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I am writing to say how much we appreciated the expert way in which the installation of our immerSUN unit was carried out and also to let you know that it has led to a significant drop in the cost of getting our hot water.

Since the unit started operating in June of this year we have only needed to use our gas boiler to heat water on one brief occasion (and then only for a one hour top-up) when we had 4 extra people staying with us. So… we benefit financially in two ways: firstly we use free electricity that would otherwise be lost to the National Grid and secondly by a reasonably substantial reduction in our gas bills.

I am happily recommending immerSUN to friends and acquaintances’ that have PV installations in place.

With warm regards
David Brown

David Brown – immerSUN