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On Roof

As air passes underneath, it cools the modules for optimum efficiency.

An on-roof Solar PV system is mounted on framework attached above an existing roof. Roof anchors sit beneath the slate/tile and fix to the rafters.

A rail attaches to the anchors with the modules clamped to them. The gap between roof and panel creates the optimum environment for energy production. As air passes underneath, it cools the modules for optimum efficiency.

Chosen Components

Despite being the most expensive panel on the market Panasonic modules are the market leaders in efficiency (previously branded as Sanyo). With a module efficiency of 18% the Panasonic HIT module far exceeds the 14% efficiency of most other panels.
With 180 w/m2 it’s an ideal product for properties with limited roof space.
Anti reflection glass, greater efficiency at high temperatures and in diffuse light make Panasonic the most productive panel for the Great British climate!

Here in the South West, we are exposed to very high wind speeds. In exposed areas we promote a Schott panel which has a 2 inch deep frame and additional corner bracing. The Schott module can cope with loading pressures of 550kg per square meter making it the most durable on the market. A highly resistant film coating makes the module resistant to ammonia and salt and suitable for agricultural and marine environments.

Norway have produced a highly competitive module; REC modules have performed top in an independent experiment carried out over a full year in Germany by Photon Magazine. The energy yield of REC modules was 6.1% higher than the group average and 13.7% higher than the worst performing module.

How it works

Sun is captured and converted to electricity for your you to use, any extra power you don’t use is sent back to the national grid - which they pay you for!

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