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Tracker System

Tracker systems can yield up to 40% more energy!

A Solar PV Tracker System is an array mounted on moving framework. It follows the suns path from East to West, therefore optimising system performance.

Some solar panel tracker systems even change inclination depending on the time of the year to make sure the array is perpendicular to the sun throughout its daily course. Tracker systems can yield up to 40% more energy when compared to a stationary system. These type of mounting systems use the same panels as standard solar PV systems, mounted on rails attached to the rotating framework.
The installation inverter can either be mounted directly to the back of the tracker unit or housed in close proximity dependent on the specific location.

Chosen Components

Solar PV Tech promotes both single and dual axis solar panel tracker systems.

The Lorrentz Etatrack range combines solid building quality with a cost effective tracking system. It is a simple and robust system with low power consumption. This reliable system can obtain 30% greater generation than a ground mounted system of the same size.

With 10 years experience Deger have developed a dual axis tracker, which not only tracks the sun but also orientates itself towards the brightest spot in the sky.
The Deger connector takes into account the reflected light as well as direct sunlight to utilise all light sources for a 15% greater yield compared to other solar trackers.


How it works

Sun is captured and converted to electricity for your you to use, any extra power you don’t use is sent back to the national grid - which they pay you for!

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