Where a pitched roof isn’t available why not place a Free Standing Solar Panel system on a flat roof. The manufactured module stands can be ballasted at the optimum pitch and orientation without affecting the integrity of the roof. Where a larger commercial system is required the same stands can be ground mounted.
Flashing around the array joins it to the slate/tiles to make a watertight roof.

Connecting your PV system to the Grid

Electrical connection must comply with the G83/1 regulations. The connection must be approved by the local District Network Operator (DNO) (Western Power Distribution (WPD) in the South West). Upon surveying a property Solar PV Tech will enquire to the DNO on your behalf. All being well they will give permission for the system to be installed. Once the system is up and running we will provide the DNO with a copy of the BS7671 electrical installation certificate, inverter G83/1 certificate, Small Scale Embedded Generator (SSEG) connection application form and a schematic of the installed system. WPD will then issue a connection approval letter and we will forward this to you for your records.

Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme & Feed In Tariffs (FITs)

In April 2010 the UK government introduced the Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme as a financial incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies. The Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme put in place FITs as a financial support mechanism for people taking renewable energy. The government need to encourage the uptake of such technology to help deliver on the 2020 renewable energy targets. There are three parts to the FIT scheme to understand. Together these make up the amount of money your system will generate / save you.

1) The scheme pays you an amount for every unit of power (kilo Watt hour/kWh) that your system generates. The amount paid per unit is dependant on the size of the system. For most domestic systems retro-fitted on homes this amount is 41.3p/unit. It is also dependent on the point at which you join the scheme, the Feed In Tariff is set to drop year by year from April 2012. It is important to note that this is TAX FREE and index linked.


2) Each unit of electricity that is surplus to the power requirements of your home is eligible for an export tariff which is in the region of 3p/unit depending on your energy provider. Therefore, (assuming that your FIT is 41.3p/unit) for every unit of energy exported to the grid there would be a total payment of 44.3p.


3) The third part to it is the money you will save on your electricity bills. As you are generating your own electricity you will have to import far less. The impact this element has will depend on the times at which you use most electricity and the size of the system you have installed. With energy prices set to rise this element will become more and more valuable.


We were delighted by the way the panels, equipment and wiring were installed from original survey to completion. The fitters, builder and specially qualified electrician own the business, so there is no ‘middle men’ or sub-contractors, and they are therefore able to quote very competitively.

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